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How does go4hometuition work?
Faq After you register with us, we will contact you and work with you according to your schedule to assign a tutor. Our tutor will take an assessment test in the first session to see which areas need special attention. At the scheduled time, login to your account and join the online whiteboard session with your tutor and start studying. For more information please see our How it works section.
Are Tutors available 24/7?
No, we work on pre-scheduled basis. The sessions will be scheduled ahead of time.
What curriculum you follow?
We can follow curriculum based on your state standards as well as generic study based on your child's grade.
What subjects our tutors teach?
We are covering most of the subject like Math, Science, English, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics, etc.
What are the benefits of online tutoring?
First, it is super convenient. Your child can take sessions whenever he or she needs them.Second, the reinforcement in between in-home tutoring sessions will help your child improve faster and stay on top of new concepts.Third, your child will have more tutoring time with the help of an expert tutor.Finally, the online tutoring is cost effective - it costs half as much per hour, and you can schedule it as per your convenience.
What if I need an assignment help? Faq
Since assignment is included with our online tutoring package, you can upload your assignment anytime for a particular scheduled session. Just make sure to give enough time to the tutor to go over your assignment before the session is scheduled. We also have package for assignment help only.
Will my tutor give me homework after the session?
We believe in consistently working on your curriculum and keep practicing on your problem areas for you to improve your grades. As part of your study plan, your tutor may decide to give you homework after a session.
Can I work with my favorite teacher again?
Yes. We assign the same tutor for your weekly tutoring sessions.
What if I am not satisfied with my tutoring session?
We hire professional tutors but they are humans also. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your session, please let us know along with the reason and also remember to rate the session after it finishes. We may contact you for further information and investigate on our side.
I like my in-home tutor, are you trying to replace that with online tutoring?
No, absolutely not! We are supplementing those in-home hours with online tutoring in between sessions. Online tutoring is a way to enhance, reinforce and cement the gains made during in-home tutoring sessions. Your in-home tutor will have access to what happened in the online sessions, so that the tutor can adjust the session to address questions that are coming up during the week.
How long are sessions?
Sessions can be any length of time, but typically they are 20-40 minutes long. We track sessions by the minute, so there is no rounding up.
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